Looking for An Investor to Buy Real Estate Notes?

buy real estate notesReceiving mortgage payments and looking for an investor to buy real estate notes?

Let’s review the important things to consider as you’re looking for an investor to buy real estate notes.

First, and probably the most critical factor, is that you deal with a real estate note buyer with years of experience and who cares more about solving your problem than he or she cares about making money. Probably the best way to check out the credibility of the real estate note buyer is to look at their testimonials and their Google reviews.

Next, when looking for an investor to buy real estate notes, make sure that the mortgage note investor asks you to send a copy of the documents to him or her or, at least, asks you to have the documents in front of you as you’re talking to the buyer.

As you begin your research to find an investor to buy real estate notes, be prepared to answer several questions. The mortgage investor will want to verify all the relevant information. For example, what was the date of sale, the down payment, the terms of the note and the date of the first payment.  Is your borrower making all mortgage payments on time? Are there any problems with note?

Make sure that the note buyer goes out of his way to build rapport with you and makes it clear that he wants you to be comfortable with every step of the transaction. Make sure that you can speak with the note buyer with ease and are able to develop confidence with the note buyer before you move forward.

Also, as you look for an investor to buy real estate notes, it is important that the investor explains the many options available to you.  For example, in most cases, you can sell the entire mortgage note.  But you may be better served by selling some of the note now and more in the future.  Be sure the investor explains the pros and cons of every possible option.

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As you research our credibility, be sure to check out what other note sellers have said about dealing with us, right here.  Also, you may check out our Google reviews by clicking here.

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