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Want to sell all or part of your note payments? At American Funding Group, we will buy your note for a fair price. No hassles.  No obligation.


Looking for an investor who is buying Mortgage Notes?

You are at the right place. American Funding Group been buying mortgage notes for over 30 years… building trust and relationships with note sellers while overcoming problems which other note buyers couldn’t do.

What should you consider when looking for someone who is buying mortgage notes?

Deal with an experienced note investor… make sure that he/she has demonstrated proficiency in dealing with problems which arise when selling a private mortgage.

Find someone with strong positive feedback from note sellers that he/she has done business with.

Check the investor’s testimonials and Google reviews

Find an investor with a five-star Google review rating… Be sure you read both the testimonials and the Google reviews. How have prior customers felt about dealing with the note buyers  you are checking out?

See what other note sellers have had to say about dealing with us, here.  And while you are at it check out our 5-star Google reviews here.

When Looking at who is buying mortgage notes, find an investor who has established rapport with the note sellers they have done business with. You are looking for a note buyer who is authentic and has your best interest at heart.  Again… make sure to check out your buyer’s testimonials and Google reviews.

Next, you want an investor who is buying mortgage notes to be easily approachable and determined to educate you on the options you have when selling your real estate note.

Work with a note buyer who you are comfortable with and who you can share the reasons for selling your note. It may be more beneficial if you sell a portion of your note now and then more of the note later.  Your note buyer should be able to explain the benefits of a partial note sale.

In order to get an accurate purchase offer that you “can take to the bank”, you need to provide accurate details of your real estate note.  Have at least the closing statement and promissory note with you as you discuss your note details with your note buyer.

When talking with investors who are buying mortgage notes, be aware of anyone who makes a cavalier offer on the phone.  I guarantee you that any “spur of the moment” offer will never hold… as each note, property,  borrower,  property and terms are different.

An investor who is buying mortgage notes will analyze several things…
1) Borrower performance on his financial obligations….  Is he paying you and other creditors on time?  The stronger the credit of the borrower, the less risk and the more your real estate note will be worth.
2) The value of the real estate…
3) The equity position of the borrower… What does he stand to lose if he defaults?
4) Terms of the mortgage note…  

At American Funding Group, we love to buy real estate notes… and, with over 30 years experience, we promise to provide outstanding customer service and provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision.

If you want to sell your note, create an owner financed note, or ask any question, call (772) 232-2383, enter your question here or fill out the quick form on this page. You can be confident that we will help you in any way that we can.

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