Thanks! So, What’s Next?

Thanks for telling us a bit about your note! 

We’ll call you (within 24 hours) so we can gather any additional information needed to evaluate your situaton.

Then, we’ll make a customized best price offer geared to solve your specific problem.

Feel free to call us directly at (772) 232-2383

Call us anytime if you have any questions. You can expect a call from us in the next 24 hours.

– American Funding Group


Questions? Great. We’re glad you do!
Here’s a few answers to common ones.

Who Are We?

We’ve been buying mortgage notes and trust deeds for over 30 years. We’ve purchased thousands of notes… and overcome many problems which other note buyers couldn’t resolve.

We’ll analyze your situation, then get to work to free up your money, which right now is buried in your real estate note. We’ll develop a customized purchase plan geared to solve your specific problem.

Whats It Cost To Work With Us?

Nothing. There are no fees or commissions. We don’t list your note… we’re looking to buy your note.

How Does The Process Work?

Here’s the process:

First we gather all relevant information. Then once we understand your situation… we’ll develop a customized purchase offer… so you receive the best price possible.

We spend our money on due diligence, which includes the property appraisal and title work. Once due diligence is completed, we’ll prepare the closing package and your money will be wired directly into your bank account.

You’ll be kept informed every step of the way. We want you to understand that you’ll be treated with respect because that’s exactly how we want to be treated.

What If The Private Mortgage Note Isn’t Performing? Will You Still Buy It?

We prefer to buy performing notes… But over the years we have bought many non-performing notes. You’d be amazed at some of the notes we’ve purchased.

Why do we buy non-performing notes? Well, many times we’re able to turn a bad situation into a good situation by restructuring the note.

Of course, a note that isn’t performing or has a troubled borrower is a higher risk for us and will result in a lower price offer. But often, we’ve been able turn a non-performing note into a performing one.

Either way, we look forward to talking with you!

– The American Funding Group Team!