Want to Sell a Promissory Note?

Sell a Promissory Note and Unlock Your Buried Cash Remember the thrill of lending that money? The promise of steady returns, the feeling of helping someone achieve their dream. But fast forward, and that promissory note feels more like a stubborn houseguest who overstayed their welcome. You need the cash back, but what are your … Continued

Cash For Selling Your Mortgage Note

Future Cash: The Under-the-Radar Secret to Unlocking a Lump Sum by Selling Your Mortgage Note Remember that time you bought your first home? The joy of picking paint colors, the nervous excitement of signing on the dotted line, the whispered prayer that the dishwasher finally gets the job done. But now you’ve sold that home … Continued

How to Sell a Florida Mortgage note

Want to sell a Florida Mortgage Note? “Solved Problems!” “The transaction was handled very well. We appreciate the way you were able to overcome the problems, particularly the lack of cooperation of the payor. We were very satisfied with the outcome.“ J. & B. M., Palm City, FL. If you want to sell a Florida Mortgage … Continued

Sell Your Mortgage Note with Confidence

If you want to sell your mortgage note, you’ve at the right place. American Funding Group is dedicated to providing a trustworthy and seamless experience for individuals looking to sell their mortgage notes. As one of the most trusted mortgage note buyers in the industry, we prioritize your needs and offer competitive prices with no … Continued

A Beginner’s Guide to Selling a Real Estate Note

A real estate note is a legal document which outlines the terms of a mortgage/trust deed/land contract, including the principal amount borrowed, the interest rate, and the repayment schedule. When you are selling a real estate note, you are selling the right to receive the remaining payments. Here is a beginner’s guide to selling a … Continued

What are the Challenges in Selling a Real Estate Note?

Selling a real estate note is a major financial decision, and finding the right buyer is paramount. You might be wondering what the challenges are in selling a real estate note. For over 35 years, American Funding Group has been a trusted partner for note sellers, helping them overcome hurdles that others couldn’t. In this … Continued

Finding the Right Mortgage Note Buyer

Selling your mortgage note is a significant decision, and finding the right mortgage note buyer is crucial. For over 35 years, we’ve been helping note sellers like you navigate this complex process, even when other buyers couldn’t. At , we are proud to be a leading choice for mortgage note sellers, national mortgage note brokers, … Continued

Maximize Your Returns: Sell Your Full or Partial Private Mortgage Note Today!

Want to unlock the value of your mortgage note and maximize your returns? Look no further! Over the past 35 years, we have built a stellar reputation for buying and managing thousands of mortgage notes, particularly those considered difficult. Our extensive experience and expertise in evaluating borrower creditworthiness, property value, loan terms, seasoning, and seller … Continued

Selling Mortgage Notes: How to Sell a private mortgage note

Introduction: If you’re a note holder, you’ve probably heard of selling mortgage notes and you may think that to sell a private mortgage note is a challenge. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the borrower’s creditworthiness, the value of the property, the terms of the loan, and the seasoning of the … Continued

Maximize the Sale of Your Mortgage Note

Here are some tips to maximize the sale of your mortgage note… The borrower’s credit is a major factor in determining what a mortgage note is worth. To maximize the value of your mortgage note, higher credit scores are essential. Of, if you are putting together a new mortgage note, make sure you’re dealing with … Continued

Searching for Who buys Mortgages & Private Mortgage Note Buyers?

Are you interested in who buys mortgages or just looking for private mortgage note buyers? First, let’s discuss the distinction between who buys mortgages and private mortgage note buyers. Several entities buy mortgages, including banks, private investors, mortgage companies, and individuals. Not all are private mortgage note buyers. A private investor, who buys mortgages, is … Continued

Release the Money Locked Up in A Mortgage Note!

Want to release the money locked up in a mortgage note… sell the mortgage payments you are receiving for a lump sum of cash? Hi, I’m Kevin Clancy of American Funding Group and we’ve been buying mortgage notes and trust deeds for over 30 years…. We’ve purchased thousands of notes… and overcome many problems… which … Continued