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“The transaction was handled very well. We appreciate the way you were able to overcome the problems, particularly the lack of cooperation of the payor. We were very satisfied with the outcome.“ J. & B. M., Palm City, FL.

Want to sell a Land Contract?   American Funding Group, MI Note Buyers, wants to buy private notes in MI now.

And, for over 30 years, we have resolved difficult issues which occur in selling a Land Contract… buying land contracts which other note buyers couldn’t buy.

Get A Fair Offer Within 24 Hours.

MI Note Buyers, sell land contract
Selling all or part of your land contract payments can give you access to cash plus unload the administrative burdens of managing the note. See how below…

We are MI Note Buyers.  If you are thiNking… I want to sell my {market_state] land contract… Then you are at the right place. For over 30 years we’ve helped note holders like yourself who want to sell all or part of a land contract to free up cash.  And with this money, you can handle other financial obligations, pay off debt, make another investment and get rid of the burden of IRS record keeping and payment collections… not to mention potential foreclosure issues or borrower issues. To get started… to free up cash from your note, fill out the form on this website. Then the hassle, the stress, the waiting for your money – ALL OF IT—could be OVER in a few short weeks (see how below). 

Or Call (772) 232-2383 now for a fast-fair offer on your note payments within 24 hours

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What Types Of Private Notes Can Our MI Note Buyers… Buy Quickly?

MI Note Buyers, sell land contract
At American Funding Group, we buy land contracts and other private mortgage notes across the U.S.  Connect w/ us  at (772) 232-2383 when you want to sell land contract. We’ll  make you a fast & fair offer on your note.

Are you thinking, “I want to sell my MI land contract but, how can I when the borrower, the property or the note has problems? — For over 30 years we have been creatively solving problems to buy notes that other note buyers couldn’t purchase. We’ll buy…

  • Land Contracts
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Mortgage Notes
  • Other real estate notes
  • Business Notes
  • Commercial Notes
  • Partial Payments (don’t want to sell all of the remaining note payments? We can part of the mortgage note too!)

Just submit your info to our MI Note Buyers through the form on this page, we’ll evaluate it and get you a guaranteed offer within 24 hours. Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions Page →

MI Note Buyers

When you are saying “I want to sell my MI land contract… make sure you avoid the hassle of listing your land contract with a broker. At American Funding Group we actively purchase performing notes with no middle-man . Call one of our MI Note Buyers today at (772) 232-2383

Why Work With American Funding Group To Sell Your Land Contract For A Fair Price?

Not only do we buy notes in MI but  we have been buying notes in all states for over 30 years… and, we’ve uncovered and solved many problems that other Note Buyers couldn’t resolve.   As we are real estate note investors, there are no fees.  Our MI note buyers provide professional service so that you can sell all or part of your note fast and no longer have to worry about having your cash locked up in that land contract… or the headaches of collecting payments or doing the accounting on that note. We take care of it all in a smooth process (Learn How To Sell Your Mortgage Note ››). Feel free to call us anytime at (772) 232-2383 or simply submit the short form on this page to get the process started!

We’ll Help You Weigh All Of Your Options Before You Sell Your Note.

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We have been helping Michigan note holders just like you, for over 30 years, to sell land contracts, sell a private mortgage or sell almost any owner financed note. And, we would like to help you! As MI note buyers and we would love to buy your land contract,  If you want to free up cash stuck in a note you own… we are here to help! If you prefer to talk to someone in our office before submitting your property information just give us a call today at (772) 232-2383

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