What is A Mortgage Note and How To Sell Your Mortgage Note

Wondering How to Sell Your Mortgage Note?  A mortgage note is simply a promissory note in which the person receiving the monthly mortgage payments acts like a bank, credit union, or mortgage company. And, sometimes the holder of the note is better off with a large lump sum of money instead of monthly payments.  So let’s investigate  how to … Continued

Working with Mortgage Note Buyers in Texas… Tips to get started

If you’re thinking about diversifying your real estate investing portfolio, and perhaps looking beyond the traditional investing methods of single family property rehabbing or rentals, you might be looking at investing in mortgage notes. If so check out these 4 tips for working with mortgage note buyers in Texas. Tip #1. Find A Mortgage Buyer With Experience Real … Continued

5 Signs of A Trustworthy Note Buyer in Florida

Selling a mortgage note and choosing the right note buyer is a big decision, with financial implications that may impact your life for many years to come. Working with a trustworthy note buyer in Florida is imperative when it’s time to sell a note in FL. With the burgeoning number of companies that buy mortgage … Continued

Step By Step Guide To Selling Your Mortgage Note in Texas

Usually, private mortgage holders sell their note in order to deal with urgent financial needs that require a large sum of money. The reasons may include paying off debt, taking care of medical bills, paying college tuition, paying legal fees, and so on. There are no restrictions on how you can spend the money derived … Continued

Florida Mortgage Note for Sale?

Have a Florida mortgage note for sale? Here are some key factors  to keep in mind when selling a mortgage note. When a note buyer looks at buying a mortgage note, he has to assess risk. The more risk, the mortgage note buyer is asked to take, the less money the note buyer  can pay. So what are the … Continued

Can I sell a mortgage note in Texas?

This is a great time to sell a mortgage note in Texas, so if you’re wondering “Can I sell a mortgage note in Texas?” the answer is: absolutely! Interest rates are attractive right now but that looks like that is about to change, as there are signs that interest rates are starting to rise. (We at American Funding Group are … Continued

Looking for Florida Note Buyers?

Looking for Florida Note Buyers? You are at the right place. American Funding Group are national note buyers & investors specializing in buying Florida Mortgage Notes.  And, at times in order to develop the best purchase plan for our customers, we will sell your mortgage note to an inner circle of approximately 30 investors. When looking to sell a Florida mortgage, there are several things … Continued

What Makes a Seller Financed Note Valuable to Note Buyers?

What makes a seller financed mortgage valuable to note buyers? Selling real estate with owner financing  is increasing. Seller financing can solve a variety of real estate problems. It can be an excellent way to put a real estate deal together. But seller financing is also an area in which sellers make the biggest mistakes… caused … Continued

Want to sell a mortgage note in Florida?

Want to sell a mortgage note in Florida?  Then make sure you understand the mortgage note’s  current value and its future value.  If you want to sell  a mortgage note in FL, you need to find out its current value or market value (that is: the value it will can be sold for “in the market”). The process is easy…  Just reach out to … Continued

Why Owner Financing Makes Sense in Texas

If you’re thinking about buying a house and you’re exploring your financing options, make sure that you explore whether you should go through bank financing or owner financing. There’s already a lot written about bank financing, so this blog post is meant to give you the other side of the coin, to talk about why owner financing … Continued

Process For Owner Financing in FL

If you’re looking to buy a house in FL or Texas or anywhere is the US, then you might be considering seller financing or owner financing as an option. However, do you know how to go about getting it? Make sure you read this blog post all the way through to help you know the … Continued

How to Value a Mortgage Note in Florida

If you are holding a Florida real estate  note,  you might be wondering how to value a mortgage note in Florida… how much can you sell it for? The question is: how does a real estate note buyer value a mortgage note in Florida. There aren’t any “cookie cutter” solutions in determining value of a real estate note,  but in this blog post we’ll discuss many issues that … Continued

How To Value A Real Estate Note in Texas by Texas Note Buyers

If you are holding a Texas mortgage note,  one of your first thoughts might be how to value a real estate note in Texas… how much can you sell it for? So you’re probably wondering how does a mortgage note buyer value a real estate note in Texas. There isn’t an easy answer but in this blog post you’ll learn … Continued

Selling A Mortgage Note In Texas?

If you’re in Texas, when it comes to selling a mortgage note, there are two things to keep in mind: Its current value and its future value.  If you are considering selling a mortgage note in Texas, the first thing you need to do is determine its current value or market value (that is: the value … Continued

I Want To Sell My Real Estate Note In Florida

“I want to sell my real estate note in Florida…Where do I start?” Holding a real estate note, private mortgage note, private promissory note or other paper real estate asset in Florida can sometimes be a challenging proposition: These notes don’t always offer the highest returns, you collect your cash over a period of time, … Continued