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Want to release the money locked up in a mortgage note… sell the mortgage payments you are receiving for a lump sum of cash?

Hi, I’m Kevin Clancy of American Funding Group and we’ve been buying mortgage notes and trust deeds for over 30 years…. We’ve purchased thousands of notes… and overcome many problems… which other note buyers couldn’t resolve… If you’re looking to release the money locked up in a mortgage note, we’ll analyze your situation and create a purchase plan developed for your specific problem.

Here’s what JS of Forth Worth, TX said about us … “The cash settlement you gave me exceeded my expectations. I would not hesitate one moment to recommend you.”

It’s important that we know what you want to achieve… like why are you selling the note? Maybe we’ll find out that you only need to sell a portion of your note to resolve your situation.

How does this work? First, we’ll gather relevant information… like type of property, sales price, down payment and terms of the note… Then when we know what you’d like to accomplish…. we’ll develop a tailored purchase offer for you note… so you receive the best price possible.

There is no expense to you for our customized purchase offer. We spend OUR money for the property appraisal and title search. When this due diligence is completed, we’ll prepare the closing package, and we’ll wire the money directly into your bank account.

You’ll be kept abreast of the process as it unfolds.  You’ll be treated with respect every step of the way.

And we pay the highest prices for solid performing mortgage notes so you can be sure you’re set up for success …no matter what financial obstacles await.

Here’s what LR from Little Falls, NY had to say about us: “Working with you was a very pleasant experience. Everyone was so helpful. You went out of your way to solve all the problems that came up. You never seemed to get stressed out. It was great dealing with you.

To get started, fill out the Above confidential form so we can get to work… to find the best ways to release the money locked up in your mortgage note.

And remember… for over 30 years we’ve been buying note payments, helping thousands of notes sellers release the money locked up in a mortgage note. We’ll find the BEST way to buy your payments for the HIGHEST Price… Ler’s get started… fill out the above form so we can find the perfect ways to turn your note payments into cash. 

And listen, for over 3 decades we’ve been buying real estate notes which other investors couldn’t buy… using our years of creative experience and unique approaches. The sooner you contact us the sooner you’ll have your money. 

So, before you do another thing, be sure to fill out our confidential form and we’ll get to work to free up your money… which right now is buried in your mortgage note.

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