Maximize the Sale of Your Mortgage Note


Here are some tips to maximize the sale of your mortgage note…

The borrower’s credit is a major factor in determining what a mortgage note is worth.

To maximize the value of your mortgage note, higher credit scores are essential. Of, if you are putting together a new mortgage note, make sure you’re dealing with a borrower with a credit score over 620.

If the borrower’s credit score has improved since the mortgage was originated the value of the mortgage note should be increased when you decide to sell.

When structuring a new mortgage note, set the interest rate a point or two above the current market rate. This will help increase the value of your mortgage note when it is time to sell. Also, it should motivate the borrower to refinance for a better rate and you receive entire note balance (no discount).

Payment history is critical. Consistent on-time payments will increase the value of your mortgage note and help maximize the sale of your mortgage note. It is very important that you provide a detailed payment history.

Use a reputable mortgage note buyer to get the most from the sale of your mortgage note.

Check references of mortgage note buyers and their Google reviews. Working with a reputable mortgage note buyer with experience in the industry will help ensure that you get the best possible price for your mortgage note. It should also help you navigate the complex process of selling a mortgage note.

Timing is important when selling a mortgage note. 

Your mortgage note will be worth more when interest rates are low. Conversely, if you ae selling when interest rates ae high, the value of your mortgage note will decrease.

If you don’t need your money right now, the biggest way to maximize the sale of your mortgage note is by selling part of your mortgage note now and keeping part of your mortgage note. This is best explained by checking out an example here.

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