Need a buyer to buy Real Estate Notes in Texas?

Looking for  a note buyer to buy real estate notes in Texas? Then check out American Funding Group.  While we have been buying real estate notes for over 30 years, Texas is our largest market.  And, we love to buy real estate notes in Texas. So, what should you think about when looking for investor … Continued

Looking for Someone to Buy Real Estate Notes?

Are you receiving payments from a mortgage note and now are looking for a credible investor to buy real estate notes? Well, let’s go over the most important things to consider as you’re looking for a real estate note buyer.   First, and probably the most critical factor, is that you deal with a real … Continued

Having issues when trying to sell a real estate note?

Want to sell a real estate note but have problems which your note buyers couldn’t resolve? If so, this blog post is for you. First let’s review… when investing in any real estate note, we look at 5 primary factors… the borrower’s performance on his financial obligations, the type of property, the equity position of … Continued

Problems In Selling a Michigan Land Contract?

Problems in Selling a Michigan Land Contract? See how we handle problems. When buying a Michigan Land Contract, the first thing we want to know is how does the borrower handle financial obligations… how is he is performing on your note and his other financial obligations.  We further evaluate the property, the equity position of … Continued

What are the key factors in selling my mortgage note?

Thinking: I am interested in selling my mortgage note, what determines its value? The first group of factors we will look at is: how does your borrower perform against his financial obligations? We will evaluate two things. First how is your payor performing on his obligation with you? Has he made all his payments on … Continued

I want to sell my note, I want a mortgage note buyer

What’s it like to talk with a mortgage note buyer?  At this point you’ve decided that the time has come to sell your mortgage note for cash to make an investment, pay tuition, pay bills, or eliminate the worry of record keeping, default and potential foreclosure.  And you decide to call a mortgage note buyer. … Continued

I Want to sell my note, what determines its value?

Thinking “I want to sell my note”… what are the critical factors determining its value?   Let’s discuss what gives your mortgage  note the most value.  First, few mortgages are exactly alike.  They have different balances and different interest rates.  One mortgage may be secured by a single-family home while another may be secured by … Continued

What is my mortgage note worth? 772-232-2383

What is my mortgage note worth? So you’ve sold a home or property or business and financed the sale.  In order to put the sale together you decided to owner finance it.  Now, you are wondering what is my mortgage note worth? In this blog post we cover four key factors in determining what your … Continued

Private Mortgage Note Buyers

Searching Private Mortgage Buyers? If you are searching for private mortgage buyers, be sure to do business with a competent, reliable and trustworthy company with years of experience.  Only deal with private mortgage buyers who always put your interests first. American Funding Group is one of the leading note buyers in the country. Since 1989, … Continued

Problems in Selling a Real Estate Note 772-232-2383

Thinking of Selling a real estate note? So you sold a property and acted like a bank and financed the purchase by taking back a promissory note secured by a mortgage, land contract or deed of trust.  Now it may be time for you to consider selling a real estate note to take care of … Continued

Convert Your Mortgage Note into Cash (772) 232-2382

Convert Your Mortgage Note into Cash Want to convert your mortgage note into cash – that is, sell your mortgage note?  Then you need to be aware of  the steps involved. Otherwise, the process can become overwhelming and confusing. The tasks and tips laid out here apply to real estate notes, land notes, mobile home notes, and, any other promissory … Continued

What is A Mortgage Note and How To Sell Your Mortgage Note

Wondering How to Sell Your Mortgage Note?  A mortgage note is simply a promissory note in which the person receiving the monthly mortgage payments acts like a bank, credit union, or mortgage company. And, sometimes the holder of the note is better off with a large lump sum of money instead of monthly payments.  So let’s investigate  how to … Continued

What Makes a Seller Financed Note Valuable to Note Buyers?

What makes a seller financed mortgage valuable to note buyers? Selling real estate with owner financing  is increasing. Seller financing can solve a variety of real estate problems. It can be an excellent way to put a real estate deal together. But seller financing is also an area in which sellers make the biggest mistakes… caused … Continued

Types of Owner Financing Arrangements

Do you know the different types of owner financing agreements? If you’re thinking about buying a house with owner financing, make sure you read this blog post because this information will make a huge difference in how much you pay and how long. Owner financing. For buyers, it’s a powerful way to acquire property without … Continued