How to Sell a Mortgage Note Fast

Want to learn How to Sell a Mortgage Note Fast ? You are at the right place.

sell a mortgage note fast

For the purposes of this post, we will assume that you have decided that it’s time to Sell a Mortgage Note Fast. Look over our website for a detailed discussion on selling a mortgage note. You may also check out a brief discussion of the note selling process, here.

The first step in learning how to sell a mortgage note fast is to find competent, authentic, and helpful note buyers. Only deal with note buyers who have great references and Google reviews. You can check out our references, here and our Google reviews, here.

The next step in how to sell a mortgage note fast is to prepare yourself for the note buyer conversation. For your note buyer to make a rapid decision, he/she has to have all the relevant information. So, before you talk to your note buyer, make sure that you have all your documents in hand. Make sure that you have the promissory note, the mortgage or trust deed, the closing statement, and the payment history. 

In many situations, this document collection process can take quite a bit of time.  So, when you are ready to find out How to Sell a Mortgage Note Fast, be prepared with the documents listed above. Not only will the data collection process be much easier, but it can also save quite a bit of time. And make sure that your note buyer explains purchase options for you, click here for examples.

Remember when you want to Sell a Mortgage Note Fast that for the note buyer, this is a risk-reward business. The more risk the note buyer has to take, the less the note buyer will be able to pay. Alternatively, the less risk the note buyer must assume, the more he’ll be able to pay.

The key factors in determining current value of the promissory note are the financial performance of your borrowers, the value of the property, the equity position of the note, the terms of the note and the length of time that the note has been in place.

If you want to Sell a Mortgage Note Fast, the better prepared you are to begin the discussions with your note buyer, the better off you you will be. In many cases the note buyer can get the relevant information from the closing statement (date of sale, sales price, down payment, and names of the borrowers). It is also important to go over the actual terms of the note… by reading the term of your promissory note.

Once the note buyer has all the relevant information, it’s a fairly simple process to complete. We will substantiate the value of the property through a drive by appraisal or BPO and make sure the title does not have any issues. This can all be done in a relatively short period of time. Then we must prepare the closing package and get it out to you for signature.

As mortgage note buyers for over 30 years, we have been helping note holders just like you when figuring out How to Sell a Mortgage Note Fast. We are here to help! We are National mortgage note buyers, we’d love to help you out.  If you want to free up cash in any real estate note you own… we will help! If you’d like to speak with someone before submitting your note information, just give us a call today at (772) 232-2383. Or check out our mortgage note buying process here.

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