How To Sell a Promissory Note…

Selling a promissory note can be rather straight-forward. In fact, the process is streamlined and stress-free when approached with careful preparation and by engaging reputable note buyers or experienced note buying companies. As industry leaders buying promissory note transactions, we’ve crafted this comprehensive guide to empower you with the knowledge of “how to sell a promissory note” successfully. If you sell a promissory note, you will be dealing with a note buyer. Click here to see in detail what is a note buyer.

Major Points...

  1. What is a promissory note in real estate? A promissory note is a written agreement between two parties detailing transaction conditions, so that a property can be smoothly sold with careful preparation.
  2. Record-keeping is crucial when dealing with promissory notes.
  3. Options for selling include individuals, family members, or reputable note-buying companies.
  4. A note-buying company will offer you a partial or full purchase of the remaining balance on the loan.
  5. The entire process of selling a promissory note can take 20 to 30 days.

Understanding Promissory Notes: A promissory note is a legal agreement between a seller and a buyer or a lender and a borrower, outlining the terms and conditions of a transaction. It serves as a commitment that the buyer (or borrower) will adhere to a repayment plan. Contrary to a simple IOU, a properly prepared promissory note is an official financial document fully binding under the jurisdiction where it was established. Interested in understanding promissory note vs loan agreement, click here.

Diverse Promissory Notes: While promissory notes share similarities in the secondary mortgage market, variations exist. Consumer promissory notes, for example, can be secured or unsecured, serving diverse purposes like consumer lending transactions or escrowed mortgage loans.

Benefits and Applications: Amid rising mortgage rates, seller-financed, owner-financed, or installment sales of property (both residential and commercial) should increase. Buyers, unable to qualify for traditional mortgages, find promissory notes advantageous, allowing sellers to act as lenders and finance the loan.


Reasons to Sell a Promissory Note: Turning a non-liquid asset into cash promptly is a primary motivation for selling promissory notes. Sellers may prefer a lump sum over long-term payments, especially when facing unexpected financial needs or desiring to avoid the hassle of managing records.

Factors in Successful Note Sales: For a successful note sale, meticulous record-keeping is crucial. Sellers must consider where to sell the note, weighing options such as individual buyers, family members, or reputable note-buying companies.

Obtaining a Quote: To receive a quote from a note buyer, sellers must provide property-related information. The note buying company may offer a partial purchase of future payments or a full purchase of the remaining balance.

Underwriting and Closing: Upon accepting an offer, the underwriting process begins, including appraisal and title search. The closing, occurring within 20 to 30 days, concludes with the seller receiving payment via wire transfer or check.

Conclusion: Selling a promissory note involves several intricacies, but with basic knowledge and expert guidance, the process becomes more straight-forward. For inquiries or quotes, feel free to reach out to a reputable note buyer today. Make sure you are dealing with reliable and trustworthy note buyers. Be sure to check out their Google reviews. Here are ours.

Some Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)…

  • Do I need a lawyer to sell my promissory note? No, you don’t need a lawyer as our staff takes care of all details. However, if involving your lawyer would make you more comfortable, we encourage you to do so.
  • How do I find a buyer for my promissory note? Search online or obtain a referral from your banker or realtor. You can also work with a reputable company, like American Funding Group, which specializes in buying promissory notes. Be sure to check out the testimonials of your note buying company. Here are ours.

To summarize. if you are looking to sell a promissory note, there are a few things you can do to find buyers and get the best price.

1. Find a reputable buyer.

There are a number of companies that specialize in buying promissory notes. These companies will typically offer you a fair price for your note, and they will make the transaction process as smooth as possible.

2. Shop around for the best price.

Don’t just accept the first offer you get. Get quotes from several different buyers before you make a decision.

3. Make sure the buyer has years of experience with GREAT reviews and has GREAT customer satisfaction!

This will ensure that you don’t get into situations where the buyer does not hold up their end of the bargain.

4. Get everything in writing.

Before you sell your note, make sure you have a written agreement with the buyer that outlines the terms of the sale.

5. Be patient.

It may take some time to find a buyer for your note. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight.

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