Looking to sell a mortgage note. The process is relatively easy.

Someone collecting loan payments can sell a mortgage note for a lump sum of cash today, instead of holding the loan for a long-term over many years. You can choose to sell all, or just a portion of your note, depending on your needs. We will explain the sale process as well as fully explore all options and pricing factors below.


A Mortgage Note is a legal document which describes a loan in detail. The mortgage note is secured by real estate. It lists the loan amount, the terms (interest rate, monthly payment) and date of first payment.

How to Sell a Mortgage Note

Prepare to speak to a mortgage note buyer.

  • Pull together the relevant mortgage note details… sales date, sales price, down payment, financed amount, interest rate, date of first payment, borrower’s names and addresses.
  • Provide those elements to a mortgage note buyer.
  • Receive non-binding purchase offer!
  • After 3-4 weeks of due diligence (appraisal, title work, document preparation, recoding) receive your funds… net of all expense.

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What is the Market Value of My Real Estate Note

How is market value determined on my mortgage note? Your note buyer will try to evaluate the risk/reward ratio.  The less risk the investor has to pay the more he/she will pay for your note.

What are the factors that determine the investor pay price?

  1. Borrower Credit…We want to evaluate the financial performance of the borrower in meeting his/her financial obligations. How is the borrower performing on this mortgage note with you? Are all payments on time? How has the borrower performed with his other creditors? To determine this, we will pull a soft credit report which will not affect his credit score.
  2. How much does the borrower have at risk… What does the borrower owe on the mortgage note as a percentage of property value? The more equity the borrower has, the more desirable that mortgage note is from an investor point of view.
  3. Interest Rate…The higher the interest rate, the higher the monthly payment the more that mortgage note is worth.
  4. Pay Back Period.  The sooner the investment is paid off, the more excited the note investor will become. A mortgage note with a 15 year will be worth more than a mortgage note with a 30 year term
  5. Payment history… As mentioned earlier, an excellent payment history is much more attractive to a note buyer than a loan with spotty performance.

Find the Right Buyer

Evaluate potential investors.  Make sure you deal with someone with a proven tack record. How do you do this?

  1. Check our Google reviews.
  2. Check out our note seller’s testimonials and recommendations.

You want to do business with someone that you know like and trust… with emphasis on trust. You can get started by filling out the form below.

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What is the Process?

Once you accept a note buyer’s offer.  The buyer will formalize your agreement by preparing a Mortgage Purchase Agreement (MPA).  Once you sign the MPA, the note buyer is authorized to begin spending money on due diligence.

That will trigger the appraisal and title search. When those items are completed the note buyer will prepare the closing documents. Ans a time will be scheduled for you to execute those documents and receive your money. And the loan sale is complete, you are out of the picture. The new note buyer takes over.

The note buyer will send an “Introduction Letter” in the mail to the borrower letting them know that their debt has been sold. It will address that the borrower should start making payments to the new lender (where, when, and how). 

When your mortgage note is sold, nothing changes for the borrower other than where and how the borrower makes the mortgage payment. The note buyer must comply with the same exact terms and language in the original mortgage contract. The note buyer cannot change anything without all parties agreeing to the change. The note buyer buys a mortgage note because he wants only to collect the existing monthly payment for the term of the loan.

Why Work With American Funding Group To Sell Your Mortgage Note?

 American Funding Group is one of the fastest and most reliable residential and commercial note buyers in the US. With over 35 years of note buying experience and the purchase of thousands of notes, we are dedicated to the note holder receiving an excellent experience. Check out What note sellers have said about dealing with us through Our Google reviews and note seller’s testimonials

Since we’re buying the note there are no commissions or fees ever. We are professional mortgage note buyers.  We offer a unique note buying service so that you can sell all or part of your note fast and not have to worry about headaches that go along with collecting payments or handling the accounting.  We take care of it all. It’s a simple process (Go Here To Learn About How To Sell Your Mortgage Note ››). Feel free to call us anytime at (772) 232-2383 or simply submit the short form on this page to get the process started!

Let Us Help You Weigh Your Options Before You Sell Your Note.

When you are deciding if I really want to sell my mortgage note, be sure to talk to our Mortgage Note Buyers…  at 772-232-2383.

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