Don’t sell your mortgage note now!

Don't sell your mortgage note now

Don’t sell your mortgage note now… unless you really need funds.

As this post is modified in the late summer of 2023, the Federal Reserve looks like it intends to at least keep interest rates high and possibly even increase them. There may be more interest rate hikes coming.

If you’re considering to sell your mortgage note now, keep in mind that mortgage note prices tend to act like bond prices. When interest rates are low, bond prices are high, the same with mortgage sales prices… they are high. When interest rates are high, bond prices are low, the same with mortgage sales prices… they are low.

Therefore, in an increasing interest rate environment, bond prices and mortgage note prices will decline. So, don’t sell your real estate now, if you can wait for economic conditions to improve.

Unless you have an immediate need for the cash, and you can’t wait two or three years for interest rates to come back down, don’t sell your mortgage note now. 

However, if you do need to sell your mortgage note now, let’s review how the value of a mortgage note is determined. As this is a risk reward-business, we need to determine how much risk we will take if we purchase your mortgage note.

There are four factors we look at when you want to sell your mortgage note now.

First, we look at the borrower.

How does the borrower handle his financial obligations? Are we going to get all our payments on time? Or does the borrower have a spotty track record in meeting his financial obligations. If the borrower is unreliable, there is a much larger risk for us.  So don’t sell your mortgage note now if the payer is shaky or unreliable.

Next, we look at the property, that is the collateral for the promissory note.

We rank the desirability of the collateral.  The most desirable mortgage is the single-family owner-occupied house… followed by the single-family investor property, commercial property, land, and business notes.

The single-family owner-occupied property is the most desirable, as even people with good credit can face a financial challenge with more bills than they have money. Generally, the house payment is the last payment that they’re going to let go… as they need a place to live. While defaulting on the other types of collateral, while not desirable, doesn’t cause the same level of pain as losing the house you live in.

Continuing with our evaluation, how much does the borrower have at risk in the event of a default.

The more equity that he has, the more likely it is that he will not let this mortgage note go into default.

Next, we look at the terms of the note.

What if the term of the note, the interest rate, the monthly payment… is there a balloon?  How many payments have been made and how many payments are left?  What is the unpaid balance of the note?

Then we take all these factors and determine how much we would be willing to pay for the mortgage note.

Finally, looking at our worst-case scenario… in the event of default…  would we be happy to own that property for what we are paying for the mortgage note?

If you want to sell your mortgage note now, know that we have over 30 years’ experience in buying real estate notes. We will help you to get the most money for your mortgage note regardless of the interest rate environment. So, before you do another thing, to free up money locked in a mortgage note fill out our confidential form below and we’ll get to work to free up your money.

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2 responses to “Don’t sell your mortgage note now!

  1. I have around 40-50 notes on mostly land purchases in and around Little Rock, Arkansas. They are @ 7.5% and some have built homes on them and others are still empty lots. The face value of the group is around $800,000 and vary on length left in the notes…but many still have 15-20 years left. I would like to sell all of them together and I am looking for a competitive price.

    1. Daniel,
      For some reason I didn’t see your comment until now. If you still have the notes, I am very interested. Please call me at 772-232-2383.

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