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selling a rel estate noteThinking of Selling a real estate note?

But sometimes problems or issues arise in selling a real estate note. How can you protect yourself to ensure that any problems that occur in selling a real estate note are handled easily and smoothly?

First, locate a reputable note buyer.

Talk to friends who have sold real estate notes and get their recommendations. Also search the internet for a note buyer in your particular city or state.

But what are the issues that you might have to overcome?
The first thing the note buyer will look at is how the borrower is performing on his/her financial obligations. The note buyer will look at two things: how has the payer performed on his real estate note with you how has he/she performed with his other creditors.
As this is a risk reward business… the stronger the payer’s credit, the less risk we have to take, and the more we will pay for the mortgage or trust deed.
What about the property securing the real estate note? We grade the mortgages with the single-family owner-occupied home being the most desirable.  Because if the borrower runs into financial difficulties and has more bills than money each month, the house payment will generally be the last payment he will fail to make… as he needs to live somewhere. If he defaults on a commercial note or land note, he is more likely to let those payments slide as it won’t affect his life style.
What about the note? How long has real estate note been in existence? The longer it has been in existence, the more proof we have that the borrower is serious about making payments.
What about the borrower’s equity? The more money, the borrower has at risk, the more likely he is to solve his problem in the event of a financial upset.
How about the terms? Generally, the larger the payment, the more will pay for the note. All things being equal if one note is written at 4% and another note is written at 6% for the same principal amount over the same period of time, with the same borrower credit performance we will pay more for the note with a 6% payment.
There are a lot of issues when you are thinking of selling a real estate note. Probably the most important factor in selling a real estate note is that you choose a note buyer that you know, like and trust. Talk to each note buyer, ask questions, satisfy yourself that the note buyer has your interest at heart. Be sure to check out you note buyer’s experience and customer testimonials/reviews.
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